Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Anna's new blog

I am teaching in a different classroom at Hamilton East School this year. 

I have loved creating this blog with Room 14 and can't wait to start a new blog with the students in Room 4.

Thank you for viewing Room 14's blog and interacting with us. 
My students have learnt so much sharing their learning with the world.

Please follow me to my new blog which will be updated properly in February 2012 when school in New Zealand returns after our summer holidays.


  1. I enjoyed looking at the interesting information about what the students are learning. I liked the swim photos and pictures from other classes in Afrida. Your page is wonderful to see, lots of fantastic colour and amasing pictures too. If you have time come and look at our classes website too:

    We are in Auckland New Zealand and are Year 7 and 8.

  2. Hi i'am kaeden and i think it's awesome that you are teaching a diffrent class in Hamilton East School. I think it is awsemome that you know how to create a blog can you maby teach me how?I am learnig how to share things to.