Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Tui

Tui are a bird native to New Zealand. The little white feather looks like a pom pom. Can you see the yellow pollen on this Tui's head? They love to eat from the flowers of flax and kowhai.

We are very lucky that we have had a Tui visiting our school. Sometimes the tui interrupts our learning.  He likes to sit at the very top of the redwood tree. 
Today we finally got to film him. He is hard to see in the video but you can definitely hear him.

If you want to find out more about Tui you should take a look at the Department of Conservation website.
If you click on the photo it will take you to the information about Tui.


  1. Dear Anna and Room 14
    That´s just a fantastic bird - I don´t think we have any like that in Denmark.
    We know you are ending your school year this week, but we have made a little package for you. To where can we send it?
    From 1A & Stefan

  2. Hi
    We really like the photo of the Tui. The white feather looks like a pom pom.I hope the Tui has so baby Tuis.
    From Liz and Xiomy

  3. Hi!
    The Tui sounds beautiful and the white fether looks like a pom pom.
    I hope the tui has a family at our school.
    The tui has very nice coulors.
    From Georgia & Fabian

  4. That tui looked like it was showing of on top of the redwood tree.The cheeky tui is stopping us from learning in class.It sounds different to a normal tui.
    We wonder if it has a nest with babys in it in the redwood tree?.
    From Lacey and tremaine

  5. WOW!! listing to the tui was fantastic. I wonder if the tui is ready to have a baby tui it might have a boy it might have a girl.

    from Robert and Yusuf

  6. I really liked watching the Tui sing and talk to other birds. When the Tui turned his head I could see a little ball that was white under his chin. What was your favourite part when you were watching the Tui? I hope you like watching the Tui sing and talk to the other birds.
    From Tahniah and Afifah

  7. The Tui sure was interrupting our leaning.
    From Ryan and Lita

  8. It was cool when i heard the tui singing to us.
    It was hard to see the tui in the video.
    and that tui in the photo looks' cool

    from Esitia

  9. That Tui was cool.I have a cheeky black bird at home that eats cat food and some times it comes inside and eats it too.
    from Emily
    Room 14

  10. That was some tui. we are really lucky to have wonderful bird life in our school.
    From Lucy Room14

  11. We are lucky to have a tui visiting our school. The tui seems to like all the children. I think the tui sings louder at lunchtime when the children are noisy. What do you think?
    from Mrs McK

  12. Hi Room 14,
    Thanks for sharing some great information about the Tui. He looks very handsome with his feathery white collar and little puff at the front. We have a bird in Australia that looks similar to the tui called a bower bird. Bower birds love to collect blue things - bits of plastic, pegs, paper, anything blue - which they use to decorate their nests. Does the Tui come and pinch food out of your bins?
    Hope you are having fun enjoying the last days of school!
    From Ms Dowling and K/1D