Sunday, December 4, 2011

Glee Performance

The Hamilton East School Glee concert was amazing
It was great to see so many families supporting the Glee group as well. There was lots of cheering which really helped the performers.
Room 14 is lucky enough to have 2 fantastic dancers in Glee. We are really proud of how well they performed.
Take a look at the vimeo of their dancing during the concert.


  1. The glee performance was amazing to watch on the night of the show!!!
    Lita was fantabulous at dancing so fast to the music.Lacy was also great at dancing!! I hope one of them can teach me how to do dancing like that.
    From Eva :)

  2. The Glee concert was fun. We had a lot of fun.I like the photo.
    From Lita Rm 14

  3. WOW! That looks like you had lots of fun preforming in front of other people in your family.What was your favourite part the most? We wish we were talented like you guys.
    From Tahniah and Afifah

  4. Hi!
    LM &LB
    You are good at daning.
    We think you were the best in the show.
    From Fabian & Georgia

  5. Hi! l and l great dancing in front of that audeintes.
    from Tarn
    room 14

  6. Glee club is asowme!. I don't know how they dance like that. They are super fast.I don't even know how glee club can do all that dancing in one night.

    From Yusuf and Robert

  7. Wow that was some nice dancing and singing you guys. I was amazed. One day I wish I was in the glee club. My favourite part was when L and L were dancing
    from jackson
    room 14

  8. Wow! You are both great dancers.I am so proud of you two. I hope you could teach me someday.
    From xakiryion

  9. WOW! I wish that everyone got to go to the GLEE concert too.
    I cant believe that was real dancers and singers.!!!!!!!!!
    From Amber and Caitlin

  10. Wow! Room 14 Glee dancers are amazing!
    Room 16 thinks you will be stars on the stage performing at concerts when you get older. We would like you to come and teach us some of your dance moves. Go Girls!!! You Rock!
    from Trinay, Niaana and Mrs McK

  11. Thanks for posting this video. I couldn't come to the Glee concert because I live in Wellington but I was sad that i missed it so thank you for letting me see it on your blog anyway.
    Georgia (Pippa's daughter)

  12. Hi,my name is Ayah. I watch Glee too! The people who perfomed looked really pretty!It reminds me of when I saw Charlie Brown with live perfomers!