Friday, November 18, 2011


Our friends at a Peek inside have a problem with cheeky cockatoos at their school in Australia. The cockatoos will actually break into their lunchboxes!
Our bird problem isn't quite so bad but we do have sparrows who love an open rubbish bin.
Today Tarn and Tremaine filmed the birds having a snack from our rubbish bin at school. Take a look at what they filmed. 
(Their commentary is pretty funny too because they forgot we would hear what they were saying! Oops!)


  1. Hi Room 14 Kids!

    Thanks for filming those cheeky sparrows having a snack, Tarn and Tremaine. You did a great job holding the camera very steady. I think the sparrows are actually very cute! I was wondering if they ever try to get into your lunchboxes too?
    I will try and film the cockatoos this week for you. They visit everyday unless it is raining! Sometimes they even come into the building to see what is in the bins inside! You wouldn't believe how brave they are. We have to put a heavy weight on the lids of the bins because the cockatoos can use their strong beaks and claws to open them. Sometimes it seems as though they almost have hands!

    Have a great week,
    From Ms Dowling

  2. Ms Dowling, that would be awesome if you could film the cheeky cockatoos for us. We would quite like to see them being naughty.
    If you left your lunchbox outside open we think the sparrows would definitely come and have a snack. We don't think they are strong enough to open a lunchbox. Sometimes the food they take is too heavy for them so they have to drop it on the ground and try again! Some children sneakily feed the sparrows some of their sandwiches. But we don't!
    From Room 14

  3. Dear Room 14,
    I liked your video, i think that the sparrows were very cheeky.
    The cockys get into our bins at our home too.They are very clever.
    Do you wear uniforms at school?
    From Zali K/1D Australia

  4. Hi! Room14
    At lunchtime I saw a cheeky sparrow jumping in the worm bin.That cheeky sparrow took some bread out and flew away .But then he dropped it . So the other sparrows came and took it themself.
    From Lacey

  5. Dear Room 14,
    Thanks for writting us a great comment. At our school in kindergarten we do skiping ropes obsticle course and lots other things. When your older there are lots of other sports to play against other schools.
    We wear a uniform everyday.
    In winter does it snow at your
    From Zali K/1D Australia

  6. Hi! Zali,
    It sounds like you have a lot of great things to do during your break times at school.
    You might like to look at a post on our blog called "Our School". We wrote it in September for a school in the USA. You will get to see what our school looks like. You will get to see our obstacle course too. I wonder if the obstacle course at your school looks the same as ours?
    What do you like to do during your break time?
    From Anna
    Room 14

  7. Hi Guys
    That was a great idea to film the sparrows feeding for your Quadblogging buddies. They seem to love the bread crusts!
    We have to take all our rubbish home in our lunch boxes if we don't have 'Nude Food' (that's where we bring our lunch to school without wrappers, gladwrap, chippy packets etc - we bring our lunch in reusable containers). There isn't much rubbish in our rubbish bins anymore.

    Can you let us know when your Aussie buddies add a video of the cockatoos feeding? We think that would be a great video to watch. They sound like such clever (and a bit annoying) birds. We love quadblogging with our buddies too. Room 3 have learnt a lot of different things from them.

  8. Hi! Room 3,
    Thanks for checking out our video. We will definitely let you know when our friends send us the cockatoo video. If you have a look at our blog post called Lunch in K/1D you will see a photo of the cheeky cockatoos.
    We recently had a nude food day and it was a great idea. I think we should do it all the time!
    Do you know that K1/D isn't one of our quad blogging buddies they are just a great class in Australia. We comment on their blog and they comment on ours. Their blog is called "A peek inside..." We love making global connections on our blog.
    From Anna

  9. Hi Anna and Room 14,
    I had a look around your school, it looks awesome. I cant beleive you have a pool at school. That must be so much fun. I wish we had a pool at school.
    Its been raining all week here is Australia so at lunch time weve been watching movies on the smart board. Do you have a smart board?
    From Zali K/1D