Tuesday, November 1, 2011


What did you have for lunch today?
Here are some of our lunchboxes. We pack our lunchboxes at home and bring them to school. We eat our lunch at 12:30pm before going to play. Now that it is summer we eat our lunch under the oak tree with our friends. This means we can be nice and cool in the shade.
This is what some of our lunchboxes look like after lunch. We try and have healthy lunches so our bodies are strong. 
We created a wordle about the things we had for lunch today - 


  1. Hi Room 14 and Anna
    I liked your wordle Room 14
    it is wonderful.I like sandwiches too.
    whats your favorite sandwich?
    From Tylah-Dawnn

  2. Room 14 - You will be surprised to see how many people won't recognise what's in your lunchboxes, another thing that I think people would find interesting is your Tuck Shop/Canteen menus and your lunch ordering menus! Nice to see you've nearly made 1,500 visitors to your class page too! Soon it will be 2,000 which is an UNBELIEVABLE number for a first year blog in under 12 months!

  3. HI Anna and Room 14
    We are fine here in Denmark. Thanks for your mail. We will look into our lunceboxes next week. We´ll keep in touch. Your lunch look delicious!
    From 1A, Vonsild School, DK

  4. Hi again. You are now able to see what we had for lunch friday in Class 1A, Vonsild School, Denmark. http://vonsildskole11.blogspot.com/

  5. Hi, Room 14,
    Greetings from linlin, I am a primary school teacher in Taiwan. Your luchboxes are so pretty! Primary school students in Taiwan have luch at school. School has its own "Central Kitchen".

  6. Hi Room 14,

    It was a great idea to create a wordle from your findings about lunch boxes. At Wix we have lunch between 12 and 1pm. Some of us have packed lunch whereas the other half have a hot school meal in the school canteen.

    Most of us have a sandwich, a fruit, yogurt and a drink for lunch. What do you eat at lunchtime which is different to us?