Monday, November 7, 2011

Lunch Questionnaire

Can you help us find out about lunch around the world?
Please fill in this form - 


  1. It is very interesting finding out what other children eat for lunch. I wonder if they know what 'NudeFood" is.Pippa

  2. Wow room 14 you are some very hard work you are telling people what is really healthy to eat and nude day is coming up so yes that will tell people what to eat and bring
    keep going on your hard work

    Jimika-ley rm10

  3. I am very impressed with this form Room 14. Anna is very clever to have worked out how to do this - you are a lucky class to have such a clever teacher! I will have to get her to show me how she did it! It's great having interactive things like this on your blog - it allows others to interact with you which is the best sort of blogging you can do!! Ms Nagels

  4. Hi room 14.
    Amber came over to my house on monday because it was teacher only day. We got cookies and cream.
    This is what we did with the cookies and cream. First we got two cookies and then we took them to Ambers dad. Then we got cream on a cookie. Then we put the other cookie on top of the cream. Then when you push the cookies down the cream came out of the sides and syuerted out the sids. Did you know that you can drink the cream because it is smoth and its also like water.Did you know that the cream is both a solid and a liquid. It Tasted yam.