Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lunch in K/1D in Australia

Our friends at A peek inside blog took some photos of their lunches for us so we can see what lunch is like at their school in Australia. Their teacher Ms Dowling made the photos into a PhotoPeach for us and also added some extra information about when they eat.
We also think you should check out their blog. They are doing some great learning in K/1D. They even made an ant restaurant to find out about insects.
Take a look at their photopeach of lunchtime. 
Make sure you watch the whole thing because they have a cheeky cockatoo who is a problem at lunchtime.

K/1D's Lunchboxes on PhotoPeach

A special thank you to K/1D and Ms Dowling for helping us with our learning.


  1. Wow! That ant restaurant must of been fun for the ants. I liked the music called apple and banana on the photopeach. It is a song my brother knew when he was seven years old.
    From Leighton

  2. Hi Room 14,

    We liked having a look at your blog!
    We were delighted to help you by taking photos of our lunch. Ruby F.
    I liked Leighton's comment. Tyson
    Thank you for giving us a comment. Ryan
    We know that the apples and bananas song is funny! Myles
    Do you have a class pet? Bryn
    Thank you for visiting our blog so that we could become blogging buddies. Noah F.
    Do you use Kidblog in your class? Noah F.

    We are very glad that you enjoyed looking in our lunch boxes. We love eating! We also wanted to let you know that there is not just one cheeky cockatoo, but there are lots of them that arrive each day. They always try to eat our food.

    From K/1D and Ms Dowling :lol:

  3. Dear Room 14,

    Hi my name is Haille and I am in 2kj, leopold Australia.

    Thank you Mrs Dowling for sending Room 14 some photos on photo peach.

    For Mrs Dowling: Do some children at your school feed the very cheaky cockatoo? ( I would )

    For Room 14: Thank you for leaving a comment on the 2km and 2kj blog.

    Lots Of Love,

    2KJ Leopold Australia.

  4. We enjoied watching your lunch. Yummy. We found the song funny - good choice. We also eat fruit 10am and lunch 11.30am. Thanks for sharing! Great show.
    From 1A, Vonsild School, Denmark

  5. Hi Haille,

    Thanks for writing us a comment and asking us a great question. In answer to your question - no, we don't feed the cheeky cockatoos because they might keep coming back for more food! If we leave our lunchboxes outside they tear them apart to get our lunch. They are so clever that they can open school bags and bins. We think that they look cute, but they are really greedy guts!
    Do cockatoos ever visit you at your school or do you have any other types of cheeky birds?

    From K/1D and Ms Dowling

  6. Dear 1A,

    Thank you for watching the photopeach of our lunchboxes. We have lots of delicious foods in our lunchboxes. Today we had to stay inside for lunch because it was raining at school. We normally eat outside when it is sunny. Do you stay inside to eat your lunch everyday or do you usually eat lunch outside?

    From K/1D and Ms Dowling