Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Global Taste Test

Room 14 had a taste test of food from different countries.
We tasted danish salami on rye bread. 
We also tried carrots without peeling them first.
We knew that our friends in Denmark have salami for lunch because they showed us on their blog. You should take a look at 1A Vonsild Skole's blog.
Here are some of our thoughts about the Danish Food - 
- I liked tasting different food. (Makki)
- The salami tasted like garlic and I liked it. (Liz)
- The rye bread was nice and fresh. The carrots were hard to bite into. (James)
- The salami looked like a sausage but tasted like ham. (Robert)
- The carrots were crunchy. (Tremaine)
- The carrots were kind of sweet. (Lacey)
- The carrots were nice and fresh. The salami tasted a bit like sausage. (Rebecca)
We also picked some lettuce we had grown in the Kitchen Garden to have with our salami and rye bread.
Next we tasted Dulce de Leche from Argentina on crackers. It is caramelised sweetened condensed milk. We were very lucky that Anna shared her dulce de leche with us.
Here are some of our thoughts on dulce de leche -
It was sweet and I wanted more. (James)
I was impressed that it tasted like caramel. (Makki)
With my first bite it took me into a caramel cloud. (Robert)
It was like condensed milk. (Tremaine)
It melted in my mouth. (Rebecca)
I liked it so much I wanted to eat the whole jar. (Emily)
We got to try some candy from the USA. 
Anna's friend Mariel, thought her children got far too much candy for Halloween so she took it away from them and sent it all the way to New Zealand! Sorry Lauryn and Raven but we loved trying it. Thank you for sharing.

Here is a vimeo of our Global Taste Test.
We really enjoyed trying new foods. 
We would definitely love to do it again.

What is your favourite food from a different country?


  1. Hi Room 14 I liked the vimeo you had made in your class room. My favourite food is meet and rice too.
    From Maria

  2. Hello, Room 14!

    Looks lke you guys had an awesome day taste testing. :)

    Raven, Lauryn and I are very happy that you all have enjoyed the candy we sent you.


  3. It looks like we had fun doing the taste test.The candy tasted good and so did the salami and the dulce de leche.
    From Lita