Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Edublog Award Nominations

We have loved blogging and learning from lots of other classrooms around the world so being able to nominate blogs we like for an award is great.
Room 14 has taken the nominating incredibly seriously and so after much discussion our nominees are...

We enjoy looking at their blog and seeing their learning. The class culture the teachers have created with commenting and quality posts is fantastic. We really like that they ask you questions in their blog posts that get you thinking about what they have shared. We think they have interesting blog posts that use a range of tools - photos, video, web2 tools and that they link to other blogs and websites. We also love the way they celebrate their learning and events within their class and school. 

Best New Blog - Room 16 at Hamilton East School
Room 16 have just started blogging this year. We are really impressed with the way they share their learning with the world. They use photos and videos to explain what they have been doing in their classroom. Room 16 has also made great connections with other classrooms through Quadblogging. They often get ideas from their blogging buddies and make posts for them.

Best Educational use of video - Room 8 at Melville Intermediate School
The students in Room 8 use video to create a window into their classroom. They often work in teams to produce the videos and we think this is a great way to work together. Not only do they show us what is happening at their school but they also teach you new things. We learnt how to do the rakau by watching one of their great videos. We have really enjoyed their Interclass Survivor Challenge and we always enjoy watching their music groups perform.

Best Free Web Tool - Skype
We love skype. We love connecting with classes around the world. It is amazing that we can talk with our friends in different countries and share our learning with them. We also use it within our school. Sometimes we read to other classes and sometimes we ring to share exciting learning.


  1. Dear Room 14,

    Wow, thank you so much for this nomination! Everyone in 2KM and 2KJ are truly flattered that you think we deserve to be nominated for the Edublog Awards.

    Like you, we all love blogging!

    Keep up your fabulous work,

    Mrs Morris, Miss Jordan, 2KM and 2KJ

  2. Dear Room 14,
    Thank you for nominating us as the best new blog! We were very excited that you think we have done a good job with our blog. We know that you had lots of discussion about what makes a good blog. "A big decision to make," said Tylah-Dawnn.
    Thanks from Room 16