Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dylan Elise - Drumming Concert

Hamilton East School had a superb concert by Dylan Elise.
Dylan is a very talented drummer.
He taught us some cool things on the drums. Dylan showed us the cow bell and how it makes different sounds. He used hot rods for drumming. Dylan also showed us Mr High Hat and could do lots of great tricks with the hot rods.
He played us a range of music - rock, latin, jazz and funk. When he played jazz music he had to use brushes.
Dylan's sister Hannah joined him playing the bass in the Michael Jackson songs.
Dylan also made the teachers dance to the rhythm of the whole school clapping and singing. It was great that we got a chance to dance too.
Take a look at the vimeo of the concert.

What part of the concert did you like the best?


  1. I was really impressed with the different styles Dylan could play. He sounded really good, and it looked like great fun!
    Cheers, Sally Spittle

  2. Dylan was awesome with different moves. He said that he wasn't a professional but I think he is one.
    Room 12

  3. Dylan was great!
    My Koro knows how to play the Drums and plays it in a concert. I went to one of his concert and got to meet one of my other koro. I liked the part when Dylan played the different types of music like Rock, Jazz,Funk the one i liked was the Jazz music.

    From Caitlin and Amber

  4. Hi I was really impressed how he cold do the drumming fast .
    And it was cool when he jagall the hotroeds and. Drumming
    At the sametime my bast part was rock and jazz I like't rock because.
    Their drum went fast and load and I like't jazz because it was smooth.

    From Jiuta and Makki