Friday, November 25, 2011

Athletics Day

Today we had an Athletics Day at school.
Look at us ready to go and join in all the fun!
Anna helped at the Sack Races and filmed some of the kids doing superb jumping. Take a look - 

After doing all the great activities Room 14 was exhausted and needed a rest. 
Thank you to the Year 5 Energize Leaders for taking the games.
Thank you to all the teachers for making sure we had a fun filled morning.


  1. I saw so many smiling faces and a few tired ones after the great Athletics morning. Pippa

  2. Some of those sacks were bigger than you!!! We had a great time organising
    the activities. We are glad you had so much fun. You all looked very tired!!

    From Room 10

  3. Athletics Day was fun but after all the work I had been doing I was so tied because I keeped on running.
    From Tahniah room14