Thursday, October 6, 2011

Skype Calls

Here is some of our writing about our fantastic Skype Day.
Today we skyped lots of schools around the world. My favourite skype call was the Mystery Skype call. We had to ask yes or no questions to find out what school they are and where they live. Room 14 found out where they lived first. They lived in Chicago. Finally they said New Zealand and we said yes. Then they guessed Hamilton.
By Eva

We skyped lots of schools and found out more about them. My favourite call was Te Poi because I miss Whaea Linda and also because they are an Enviro School now. They made a movie that looked really really cool. Every Friday they do whole school Enviro jobs so they can be a really big Enviro school. I hope they succeed someday.
By Tarn

My favourite part of Skype Day was skyping Miss Becker’s class. It was nearly morning tea time for Miss Becker’s class. They are 6 and 7 year old. Some of them read chapter books too. They also wear uniforms. They are in Queensland, Australia. They have over 500 children in their school and it is 150 years old. They have a bus ride to school.
By Emily

My favourite skype call was Miss Becker’s class. I felt it was a decent chat. Their beach is three hours away and our beach is 45 minutes away. They play soccer just like us but not many girls play. At Hamilton East School lots of girls play soccer. Miss Becker’s class doesn’t have a swimming pool but they go on a bus to one.
By Liz
My favourite skype call was in the USA. It was fun seeing them. They had good questions. The mystery school was hard for us to find out where they were. The mystery school was in Chicago. They soon found out where we were.
By Ryan
Room 14 had a skype breakfast. Some of us came to school really really early in the morning. The first skype call was Miss Pope’s Superstars. They were more excited they us because they were jumping all around.
By Caitlin

We came to school early. Miss Becker’s class 1B are 6 and 7 years old. They play soccer like us too. They are building a new hall and library.
By Xakiryion
I love skyping the mystery school. I was extremely excited. I liked how we had to guess where they were. When they spoke their accent gave it away. We knew they were from the USA immediately. We were only allowed to ask yes or no questions. It took us some time to guess what city their school is in. We guessed Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco. Then finally we asked Chicago. We guessed it first! YAY!!! We let them keep on guessing. They guessed New Zealand. Then they said Hamilton.
By Rebecca
I liked all the skype calls but the one I liked the best was Melville Intermediate. I finally got to meet Hannah. We got to see Veronica. We asked a lot of questions. It was a lot of fun. The call was a little fuzzy and we couldn’t hear so well either.
By Georgia.

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  1. I like Georgia's recount the best because she said nice things about Room Eight, Hannah and Dante were very excited to Skype with Room 14 too, and it was nice to bring Veronica in so she could use the computer to talk to her brother and cousin.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.