Thursday, October 27, 2011

Japanese Students

We have 12 students from
Ritsumeikan Keisho Junior High School 
from Sapporo, Japan visiting our school.
We have learnt how to say hello in Japanese - Konnichiwa. 
It's autumn in Japan at the moment. Did you know it snows in Sapporo in winter?
The students travel to school by bus or train and it takes over an hour to get there. There are over 500 students at their school. 

This afternoon we went on a school tour and played a game about our school environment.
We played an alphabet game where you try and find things around the school that start with the different letters of the alphabet.
It was really important that we talked to each other. We got to know the Japanese students better.

We hope that the students have a great time visiting our school and New Zealand.


  1. Wow! We also have students from Ritsumeikan Keisho Junior High School here it Melville Intermediate too! I wonder if we should arrange a conversation between the students from our classrooms tomorrow?

  2. Mr Webb, that is a super idea! Room 14 (and the Japanese students) would love to do that on Monday.
    Room 14

  3. It looks like you had so much fun. I wish that I was still in room 14.

    from aaron room11