Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Supporting other Countries

During the Rugby World Cup we are supporting lots of different teams.
We saw on Kids with a View blog that they have been learning a lot about the Rugby World Cup too.
Their teacher Mrs Laburn had used an app on her iPhone called Flag Face to show the countries that the class was supporting. You should have a look at their post
Anna thought that this was such a good idea that she downloaded the app too.
 Unfortunately it doesn't have all the countries in the World Cup but luckily the students in Room 14 are supporting lots of different teams.
Can you work out what teams we are supporting?


  1. WoW! Room 14 it looks like Anna has painted our faces doesn't it?

    From Caitlin

  2. I thought the students actually had painted their faces. I was wondering what the parents thought of that :)

    Mr. C

  3. Hi Rm14,

    That app is really, really cool! I love flags too, you all look great.

  4. Dear Room 14
    We loved looking at the different flags on your faces. We thought you had really painted your faces. We looked at Mrs McKenzie's face with the New Zealand flag. We laughed a lot! We have been learning about the different countries in the World Cup, and their flags too. Does anyone in your class support Tonga or Fiji?
    From Room 16 and Mrs McKenzie

  5. Wow Room 14 you all look fantastic, thank you for the app idea I downloaded it straight away. Hopefully Room 11 can do the same thing with our faces. Keep up the fantastic work guys, Whaea Tash and Room 11.

  6. WOW!! It looks like we painted our face. Look at all those countries we support.
    From Lita,
    Room 14

  7. WOW!!That looks so cool.They almost look the same as the flag.
    From Afifah

  8. Wow what lovely faces you have Room14. Me and lucy are supporting the U.S.A and England.
    From Liz and lucy Room 14

  9. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What fantastic flag faces you have room14. I realy like how you all chose difarent flags for you face.
    From Eva
    Hamilton East School.