Wednesday, September 28, 2011

St Hilda's College, Argentina

We are connecting with two Year 4 classes in Argentina. They are from St Hilda's College in Buenos Aires. We sent them a small video introducing ourselves and a list of questions of things we would like to know about them. They emailed us some photos of their school and answered our questions. They also sent us a couple of cute videos. Here are some of the things we have found out about our friends at St Hilda's.
Here are our new friends. They have to wear a uniform. 
4E is outside and 4D is in their computer suite. 
We could see from the photo that 4D has been  looking at our blog.
 Their school day starts at 8am and goes until 4pm. The buildings at St Hilda's College look very different compared to our school. Their school is 99 years old. Hamilton East School is 139 years old.
Their school has big trees just like Hamilton East School. They speak both English and Spanish at their school but they speak Spanish at home.
They don't have a blog but their school does have a website.
This weekend Argentina is playing Georgia in the Rugby World Cup. Some of us will cheer for Argentina and some of us will cheer for Georgia. We hope it is a great game of Rugby.
Did you know that the Pumas player Mario Ledesma went to St Hilda's when he was younger?

You can learn more about "Los Pumas" (that is the name of their Rugby team) by clicking on this photo.

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  1. Hi! Y am Cami of argentina and y would like to say thanks for the videos!!!