Monday, September 12, 2011

Rugby World Cup

We have watched a lot of Rugby this weekend. We thought that the opening ceremony was awesome. All the games have been exciting to watch. We have done quite a lot of cheering too.
The All Blacks next game is in Hamilton on Friday against Japan. They are staying in a hotel across the river from our school. We are excited that we are so close to them. We will have to keep our eyes peeled to see if we can spot the players during the week.
Take a look at our Rugby wordle we created -
Sue who works in our office and is in charge of our school bus saw Sonny Bill Williams at the supermarket!


  1. Mr Baylis and Room 1 Turuturu SchoolSeptember 12, 2011 at 1:05 PM

    What a wonderful Wordle Room 14!! If you seen any of the japanese rugby players please let us know!! It's our current country we are visiting and we would love to hear any stories.

    From Mr Baylis and Room 1 Turuturu School

  2. Hi room 14 great blog very detailed and informative Jacqui Smith Room 1 turuturu school

  3. Hi Room 14 and especially to Elizabeth!
    Thanks Elizabeth for visiting our blog and leaving us wonderful comments.

    Our adopted country for the RWC is Scotland. We thought that was exciting because Mr Laburn can play the bagpipes! We're hoping he will bring them in to school for us to have a listen to, wouldn't that be exciting!

    We are loving learning about all the countries in the World Cup. If you tested us I think we would do very well at identifying all the flags and the shirts that the teams wear.


    From Room 3 and Mrs Laburn

  4. Wow the lady from the office looks very happy and nice of SBW to allow his picture to be taken like that, but what is that that he's wearing that is a bit unusual?

  5. WOW! How did you make the shape of the wordle a rugby ball on one of the holders? Sue looks real happy. I hope we see some rugby players from All Blacks in real life!. From Yusuf.

  6. WOW!!!!!Sue is so lucky to see a real rugby player.
    From Afifah

  7. Did you know that Sonny Bill Williams took Sue's scarf off her and put it on himself? We think it looks funny.
    Room 3 we think you might be better than us at identifying the country flags. Some of us had a try this morning and there were some flags we were confused about. We will need to do some more research. So far Lita has been the best at identifying the most flags correctly.
    Thanks for commenting on our blog posts.
    Room 14

  8. WOW Sue is very very very lucky to meet SBW at the shops.
    GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    from Eva and Esitia
    hamilton east school.

  9. Wow!! You got to see the All Blacks. You are lucky . If you see the All Blacks can you tell me? What team do you like. From James

  10. I never see anyone interesting at the supermarket! Maybe this week? Ms Nagels

  11. Rory and Cormac from TrinitySeptember 17, 2011 at 1:34 AM

    Hi,Ireland are going to win the world cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Cormac and Rory .From Trinity school