Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mother Duck

We are excited because Mother Duck's eggs have hatched. Anna took Room 14 up to Fairyland to have a look at the ducklings. They are so adorable. We tried to count all the ducklings but Mother Duck is very good at protecting them. We know there is at least 7 ducklings though.
If you look carefully at these photos you can see the little ducklings.
We have to be very quiet around Mother Duck so we don't scare her while she protects her ducklings. If you are quiet and still Mother Duck will pull her chest up and lift her wings a little to show you her little family. She is so proud.
Here is a vimeo of Mother Duck. A massive thank you to Madisen and Room 10 for letting us use their video footage.
Mother Duck & ducklings from Ham East on Vimeo.


  1. Hello,
    We have just been to have a look at Mother Duck and her ducklings..... But she was gone. Where do you think she may have gone to Room 14? Her ducklings were so cute.
    From Room 5

  2. Hi! Room 5
    We have been thinking about where Mother Duck has gone. We have a few ideas -
    - Maybe she has taken her ducklings to the Waikato river to teach them how to swim.
    - Maybe she has taken them to see Father Duck.
    - Maybe she has taken them for a walk.
    -Maybe she has taken them to see what food is around.
    One year Pippa was going for a walk early in the morning and she saw Mother Duck taking all her ducklings across River Road to the Waikato River!
    Where do you think she has gone Room 5?
    From Room 14

  3. We have just been discussing this too. We think that maybe
    - Mother Duck has gone to a new nest somewhere
    - We also think that she may have gone to the Waikato River.
    - The ducklings need to learn to swim, maybe Mother Duck will show them.
    - She will be hungry, so maybe she has gone for dinner (and then pudding).
    Room 14 we are bit a sad that Mother Duck and her ducklings have gone, do you think we will see them again one day?

  4. Hello room 14 HES, I am from Trinity lower school. I think the ducklings were so cute and so fluffy. I like the fish and penguins on your blog.
    from Callum Year 4

  5. Hi! Room 14 those ducklings were so cute. Its a shame that they have left. I hope mother Duck will be back next year. From Lucy.

  6. Wow those duckling are adorable. I wonder why they left.I think Mother duck is trying to teach her ducklings to swim or mother duck is showing them around the place. From Yusuf

  7. Mother duck and her ducklings are cute especially the ducklings. But it is a shame that she's gone. What if she comes back? That will be cool even if she has more ducklings.
    From Tremaine

  8. cool wish we could have a pet in our class it would be awesome Jacqui turuturu school rm 1

  9. Wow! I hope Mother Duck comes back to our school next year. Her ducklings are so so cool.
    By Xiomy
    Room 14

  10. WOW!! I hope Mother Duck will come back to our school.The duckling are so cute.I hope they have a really great Family.
    From Lita

  11. Mother duck looks so cute in her nest.
    From Eva and Esitia

  12. Dear Room 14
    I love your Mother duck video because you have pictures too. Are you sad that Mother duck is gone now? Room 16 have those Mother duck photos. We have sketched and made some artwork on Mother Duck. Do you miss Mother duck?
    From Battool Room 16.