Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Father's Day

This Sunday is Father's Day so Room 14 has been thinking about our dads and the other great role models we have in our life.
We created portraits in Kidpix and made them into a slideshow.
My Dad from Ham East on Vimeo.
Thanks to all our Dads for taking care of us. 
We hope you have a special day.
Here are some of our stories about our Dads.

My Dad reads me bedtime stories. But sometimes my Dad does not read me bedtime stories because we are up to late at night or we took a tv show for our story. He has one brother and one sister. He sometimes plays with me. He has three children (including me). He has a moustache. He loves reading history books. He tucks me into bed. He finds teddy for me.
By Yusuf

My Dad really really likes to do sports, like running and soccer. My Dad is a really good cook. He cooks rice and chicken soup. His dinner is so so yummy. My Dad likes to tell a lot of jokes. He likes to watch tv. He likes to grow flowers at home with me. He has a big smile.
By Xiomy

My Dad likes going to other people's houses. My Dad is happy. He makes shelves. I play with Dad and Renay.
By Xakiryion

My Dad likes to play draughts with me. Sometimes I say to Dad that I will win today and he says no you aren't going to win because look the game is already over and I won. Then I say to my Dad lets play again. He says come on I will win again. When Dad turns his face away I quickly took away the counters off the board. Then I say to him look I won.
By Shakshi

My Dad plays rugby. I always cheer for Dad. On Cross Country, Dad and my two brothers came and watched me. My Dad's good at kicking. He likes watching rugby. He always makes me laugh. My Dad has three children Jonathon, Solo and me. He takes us to the lake. He is really funny because he plays tag with us.
By Lita

My Dad likes to run. My Dad cooks rice. I like my Dad.
By Fabian

My Dad has four kids and they are me, Laura, Josh and Daniel. My Dad is 40 and he does a lot of paper work. He is on the computer a lot. He mows the lawn. He does breakfast sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays. He cooks bacon and eggs and sometimes he makes pancakes and waffles. He is rude and silly. He sticks chips up his nose and puts spaghetti in his mouth and pretends he has a beard. His favourite food is lasagne.
By Emily

My Dad makes seats out of wood for us to sit on. My Dad is really nice and funny. He has big black shoes that are hard. My Dad likes lots of different colours. Dad always likes to wear a beanie, maybe to keep his head warm. My Dad is very tall and has long legs. He has hairy legs too. My Dad really loves chocolate and he loves to eat it.
By Aisha


  1. What lovely pictures we have in room 14. I like how people have drawn their pictures to look like their Dads.

  2. This is wonderful, Room 14. I'm sure dads would have been very proud to see such wonderful pictures and stories.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)

  3. I really like the slideshows because they are detailed. I like how everyone drew what their fathers like. The stories are very good to because they describe what their fathers do.

    From Rebecca Room 14

  4. Wow! everybody I think you have really great stories. I think you really explained what your dads likes like and what your dads like to do. I really like your pictures because they are bright and colorful. From Aisha

  5. WOW! Those pictures of your dads are really cool. Shakshis dad looked cool
    From Tarn

  6. WOW!!! look at those writing about your Dad they are wonderful.I Like Emily 's writing It's really funny because your Dad goes on the computer a lot.
    *is your dad good at cooking!
    From Lita

  7. Hi! and WOW! The pictures really show how the people look like. And the stories explains how the person does.From Yusuf

  8. Wow! Those pictures blew my socks off.
    By Caitlin

  9. Wow Awesome fathers they look very,very real. They look like your real dads. Its like they came to school and got there photo taken and got put on
    blog. by Robert and ryan.

  10. WOW! The stories are so cool. I really like Emily’s story. It was so funny. When I read the story I was thinking about my Dad.
    From Xiomy

  11. Cool. It looks like you have cool Dads. My Dad is a running guy. I like the way you draw your Dads. By James

  12. I think the writing for Fathers Day are funny, cool and powerful. I said Happy Fathers Day to my Dad and to my brother because he is a Dad.
    From Tremaine