Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Someone Special

When we came back to school after our holidays we had to create a sketch and a brainstorm about someone we had seen in our holidays. We had to think about what they looked like and things that they did. Then we wrote a story about them.
Here are three examples of our work.

My brother by Xiomy from Ham East on Vimeo.

My guinea pig Winnie was scurrying on the lawn when I noticed there was grass on her head. It was all dirty. So I put her in the sink and scrubbed her all over. She squealed like a bat so I cleaned her with the towel. Winnie is a white guinea pig with a black patch around one eye and one black ear. She likes to eat the grass that grows by Mum's bike.
By Lucy

My Mum by Eva from Ham East on Vimeo.


  1. Room 10 liked the way Lucy used inference when she described the grass around her mum's bike.

    We liked the story about Nayith that Xiomy wrote. It tells us a bit more about him.

    Eva's mum sounds like a caring mother. We would like to try her baking!

  2. Hi! I liked all the stories. Lucy was good at describing Winnie. Eva's Mum must be really nice. Xiomy I really like your story.
    From Georgia.

  3. Hi Eva...
    You have written a cool story about your Mum.
    From Lita

  4. I love Lucy's story because when you described how Winnie squealed like a bat I could imagine her doing that. Eva's Mum seems really nice.I bet her Mum is really good at baking food . Xiomy gave a lot of information about her brother Nayith. I didn't really know anything about him before.
    From Rebecca room 14

  5. I like Xiomy picture about Nayith. I laughed because Xiomy is being bsosy to your little sister and now your brother is bossy to you.
    Sometimes I am bossy too.
    Fromm Esitia

  6. Wow Eva I really like your story about your mum.
    I really want to eat your mums baking.
    from Xiomy.

  7. Wow!I wish my Mum did that for me Eva. Great illustrations Lucy.


  8. Wow!!! That is such a good story about your cool Mum.
    From Elizabeth and Lita room14.

  9. Hey Xiomy that sounds like my brother. Whenever I pick on my sister my brother always sees me. Sometimes I'm bossy back to him and then he starts picking on me again. From Tahniah

  10. Eva I like how you explain about your mum .I also like how you said that your mum has a nice smile and also how you bake and your mum watches you.
    From Afifah

  11. Hi Eva, Lucy, Xiomy and the kids of Room 14,
    You did a great job creating your pictures of someone special. I was wondering what program you used because they looked so good! I always find it a bit hard drawing pictures using the mouse. You might be able to give me some tips on how to do it better! I also enjoyed listening and reading your descriptions. I laughed when I imagined little Winnie the guinea pig squealing like a bat!
    Keep up the great work,
    From Ms Dowling

  12. Hi Eva,

    Like all mums we couldn’t live without them. I thought all the reasons why your mum was amazing but she also must be proud of you with both your kidspix and how you spoke in the movie

    Mr Thurlow, Room 2, Burnham School

  13. WOW! your mum looks careing.I wish i had a careing mum too. From Tylah-Dawnn

  14. Thanks for all your fabulous comments.
    We have been thinking about our illustrations. We use a programme called Kidpix. One of the reasons we think we are good at drawing using Kidpix is because we practice a lot. At first we use to cheat and use the stamps but Anna makes us draw everything. If you make a mistake you can get rid of it by using the undo button straight away.
    Xiomy, Eva and Lucy are feeling proud of themselves to have so many comments about their work.
    From Room 14

  15. Thank you for commenting cool comments for me,Lucy and Xiomy.
    I like my mums cooking as well.!!!!!
    From Eva.

  16. Hi Eva!
    I like your story about your Mum. I like your picture because it makes Eva's Mum look talented.
    From Xakiryion