Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skype Around the World

Did you know next week is Australian Book Week? Room 14 is going to skype a class in Australia and read them a story. 
Today we used Google Earth to see where they are. We even used street view and that was pretty cool because we could zoom right in.
We would like some help to choose a story to read to them.

 Do you know a story that might tell the class something about New Zealand?


  1. Maybe a book with a kiwi in it.

    Kapai the Kiwi

    The Seven Sisters

  2. Hi Room 14, Room 11 has just been making a list of books that you can read to your friends in Australia.
    Taming the Taniwha
    The Little Kowhai Tree
    Stories from our night sky (maori legends)
    The Seven Sisters

    We will have someone send them down to you now :)
    From Room 11

  3. Hi, Room 14, Room 16 read the legend 'Maui's Fish', it is about how Maui found New Zealand. We think this is a good story for you to read. We did some artwork like the illustrator, Cliff Whiting. The pictures are on our blog. We will send you the story.

  4. Two of my favourite Kiwi books are The Taniwha and Nanny Mihi and the Rainbow. I have them at school if you would like to borrow them. Ms Nagels