Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Wednesday 31st August is our school Cross Country day. We run a course around our school. Our class has been training during school time and some of us have been training at home too. We hope some of our parents will be able to come and watch us run.
Here are some examples of our writing about cross country. 
We illustrated our writing using Kidpix.
I am training for Cross Country. I like Cross Country because it is really challenging. I think the most challenging part is the hills. I don't like it when I get the stitch. It makes it really hard to run. I didn't like cross country when I was in Kowhai team. Then I started to like cross country when I was in Room 16. I  can't wait for it.
By Rebecca.
I like to train for Cross Country because it helps me get faster and fitter. When I'm running up all of the hills it makes me feel like I want to go back to sleep. I train with my puppy, Bear. He is 3 years old and is just about as tall as me.
By Caitlin 

I am training really really hard for Cross Country. I like to run more than I like to jog or walk. I love feeling my heart pump really fast after running. After runs I am really puffed. Cross Country makes my legs hurt when I am walking. I will train hard enough to win the race. The reason I like to train is because I get faster and faster.
By Aisha
Listen to Leighton read his writing about Cross Country training.
We created this using SonicPics!


  1. Hey my names Shania.Those pictures of you guys running in the cross country look really cool and colourful...

    Shania,Room 8
    Melville Intermediate
    New Zealand,Hamilton

  2. Wow! Rebecca I think you made your picture look like it is really at this school. I think your picture is really coluerful. From Aisha

  3. Bravo! I like how you said what you liked, didn't like, and your feelings about Cross Country. Once, I saw a lot of cross country runners go by. What other sports do you like?