Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Playing Peacefully

In Room 14 we like to play peacefully and look after other people.
Today at lunchtime Whaea Tash saw some of Room 14 playing beautifully. She was so impressed she took photos and then emailed them to Anna.
This is Whaea Tash's email to Anna - 
Whaea Tash was very impressed by this group of Room 14 students.  Well done for showing team work and playing nicely with each other.  I am going to show Room 11 students what being a H.E.S student is all about by looking at these photo's.  My kids may be older but you guys are really awesome examples for them.  Have a fantastic day :)
Whaea Tash

We feel proud of ourselves for doing the right thing. 
Thanks Whaea Tash for telling Anna about us.

What do you like to play at lunchtime?


  1. WOW! that looks very fun climbing up with no ropes from Braden room13

  2. I like playing that too.Tremaine was very strong at pulling people up.
    From Georgia.

  3. WOW...It look's fun over there..
    From Lita

  4. I like playing tag with a lot of people. I think it is really fun playing on the wall too. From Aisha.

  5. These pictures really show the way the school is meant to play like.I like to play tag at putikitiki. From Ismail.

  6. I sometimes play at the big slide.By Afifah

  7. That looks scary and fun!
    I might try that today.
    I like to play tag because you run fast.
    From Eva