Friday, August 12, 2011

Fruit Platter

Today the Year 4's in Rooms 13 and 14 went to learn how to play golf.
The Year 3's worked with Anna.
We made a fruit platter because as part of the Home Play Challenge the character Spoke loves fruit kebabs. If you don't have kebab sticks you can make a fruit platter instead.
We had mandarins, kiwifruit, pears, apples and bananas.
We cut the fruit up or peeled it. Anna had to cut up the kiwifruit, apples and pears because they needed a sharp knife.
This is what our fruit platters looked like. Don't they look delicious!
They tasted good.
The kiwifruit was the first fruit to vanish! The bananas were very popular too.
After we had finished eating we went to the Kitchen Garden and put our fruits scraps into the compost bins.
Thank you Sonja and Anna for getting the yummy fruit for us. Maybe you could make a fruit platter at home with your family.


  1. That looks so delicious. Good work

  2. hello that looks so good i'm jealous

  3. WOW it looked like you had fun.
    I like the fruit that you used.
    My favourite fruit is bananas!
    From Eva

  4. Im feeling hungry now .Sounds delicious. Looks like you had fun. From Leighton

  5. MMMM looks like nice food to eat. I hope the rest of room14 could do that again sometime. By Robert

  6. WOW that looks fun and delicious making the fruit platter.
    From Makki and Shakshi.

  7. I think that the fruit looks very delicious. I could really tell that you have had a great time.From Aisha

  8. The food was really yummy.The fruit I liked the most was the pear.It was also fun making the fruit platter.from Yusuf

  9. The fruit platter looks delicious. I wish I was there too. I would really enjoy the fruit platter.
    From Rebecca Room 14

  10. We think that looks so delicious.
    From Kody and Phillip

  11. That look yummy. My favourite fruit is banana and apples too. by Ryan

  12. HI
    I wish I had a fruit platter to eat.They look very yummy.
    My favourite fruit is peaches.
    from Emily

  13. That looks amazing because I like fruit . I think it is smart. Could you teach me sometime? .
    from James and Lacey .

  14. That fruit platter was yummy. I can still remember when we made it.
    from Tarn

  15. The fruit looks delicious I could even remember when we made it. It was very delicious. It looked great.
    From Aisha

  16. Hmmm. That looks delicious. It makes my mouth water.
    From Lujane Rm10

  17. The Fruit Platter looks delicious. I wish I was a year three and I could get to eat the Fruit Platter. If our teacher would make something for us please make Fruit Platter.
    From Shakshi

  18. Hi my name is Jacey. I go to Muir Lake School in Stony Plain Canada. Thows frut look varey good I love to eat frut. In the summer I go to Britesh Calumbey to visit my Grandma. Me and my grandma allways pik fresh frut from her trees it is so good.