Monday, August 1, 2011

Favourite Books

This week Anna (our teacher) is going to read us some picture books that she enjoyed reading when she was younger.
Today she read us "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. Some of us had heard the story before because someone in our family had read it to us.

What was your favourite book when you were little?
Who read it to you?
Can you remember why you liked it?


  1. Room Fourteen - great to see that you are posting again forthe new term. I think that I really liked 'Where the Wild Things Are' when I was younger, though I didn't go and see the movie when it came out. I really enjoyed having my Dad read to me the Asterix books but I remember going to the movies and seeing Asterix and being dissapointed because the movie didn't sound like my Dad reading the book!
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.

  2. Ricky likes the Three little pigs written by Roald Dahl Room12
    Katarina liked listening to the jungle book because she was interested in tigers. Penny enjoys the story "There were giants in the house" she is going to bring it for us to listen to tomorrow so we know who the author is too. We all remembered having Hairy Mcleary stories read to us. We enjoyed listening to them because there are lots of rhyming words.

  3. @ Room14,

    I really like your blog, it is fantastic.

    Sorry I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ava and I am in 2KM. I really liked the comment you left on our class blog.

    When I was little I liked horse books because my favourite animal is a horse but I don't think I had a favourite book. When I was little my mum and my dad read books for me and sometimes I just looked at the pages.

    Best Wishes,
    ♥Ava♥ (2KM)

  4. We were thinking about how when a book is made into a movie it sometimes changes. Anna read us "Danny the Champion of the World" by Roald Dahl. In the story Sergeant Samways has a very funny accent. (It often tripped Anna up when she was reading it to us) but when we watched the movie Sergeant Samways spoke normally. He also looked different to how he was described in the story.
    Room 14

  5. I like to read the three little pigs and I still like reading it. From Aisha

  6. My favourite book was Farm Animals.I read it all by my self.I liked it because it had animals.

  7. Hi room 14.
    These were my favourite books when I was younger.
    Hairy maclary
    Nicky and Granpa
    and The Veary Hangry Caterpillar.

    From Xakiryion