Friday, June 3, 2011

Tree Art

This week Room 14 has been creating beautiful tree art work. 
We went on a tour of our school to look at trees we could draw. We looked carefully at their leaves. When we came back to class we sketched the tree in our sketching book.

Next we had to draw it on a big piece of paper. We had to rub it out and go over the pencil lines in black pen. Then we dyed part of our drawing.

Here is some of our finished art work.

                                                        By Tremaine                    By Lucy

By Robert

                                                   By Xiomy                            By Emily


  1. cool petchers
    from Eva!

  2. i love your tree

  3. hi room 14 good work on your art. by Awhina

  4. I liked your amazing art work in the orchad and in your peice of paper.