Thursday, June 9, 2011

Special Places at School

We have been writing about some of the special places we have at Hamilton East School.

My favourite part around the school is the big slide because I like the redwood tree. I like the tuis and fantails singing to us. I like whistling back to them. I like the fantail the best because they come closer and sing louder.
By Tremaine

When I am up on the climbing wall playing tag I look up at the sky and see big clouds moving around the school passing the playground. When I’m playing tag I have to run so fast I feel the breeze rushing past me from the wind. It is really refreshing.
By Leighton

As I walk through middle flat it feels like lava is underneath my feet. You need to jump leaf to leaf but you are imagining that they are rocks. The big trees give you shade as you jump rocks.
By Georgia

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