Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tree Onions

Last Thursday we planted some tree onion bulbs that Anna's Dad gave us. We had to call Anna's Dad to find out how to plant the tree onions. Luckily Anna put on loudspeaker so we could hear.
This is what the tree onions looked like. We used a trowel to put potting mix in the pot.
We had to gently put the tree onion in the soil. You have to make sure 1/3 of the onion is showing at the top.
Today we noticed that some of the tree onions have started to grow.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Spelling Superstars

Look at our wordle showing the people in Room 14 who got all their spelling words right this week.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Fantastic Week

Here is our brainstorm from oral language. 
These are some of the things we are going to try and do this week so we all have a fantastic week.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Library

Room 14 is super lucky because we get to go to the library twice a week. 
On Tuesday we do 10 minutes silent reading. 
Whaea Cathy loves books and sometimes she reads to us. Sometimes she sets every class in the school a challenge. She even plays games with us like, beat the clock, simon says, green eggs and ham, and concentration. Whaea Cathy has a toy cockroach - lucky Room 14 knows what to say when they see a cockroach.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


This term in PE we have been focusing on dance. 
Anna made up a track with different songs on it and in groups we had to come up with a dance. 
We performed it to the rest of our class.

 Today we performed it in front of another audience - Room 5. 
They were such a great focused audience.

Room 5 did some pretty amazing dancing for us.

Then we did some warm up dancing activities together.

We really enjoyed being role models and sharing our learning with others.

Special Places at School

We have been writing about some of the special places we have at Hamilton East School.

My favourite part around the school is the big slide because I like the redwood tree. I like the tuis and fantails singing to us. I like whistling back to them. I like the fantail the best because they come closer and sing louder.
By Tremaine

When I am up on the climbing wall playing tag I look up at the sky and see big clouds moving around the school passing the playground. When I’m playing tag I have to run so fast I feel the breeze rushing past me from the wind. It is really refreshing.
By Leighton

As I walk through middle flat it feels like lava is underneath my feet. You need to jump leaf to leaf but you are imagining that they are rocks. The big trees give you shade as you jump rocks.
By Georgia

Friday, June 3, 2011

Matariki Celebrations

On Thursday we had a feast to celebrate the beginning of Matariki. 
The whanau group helped make the pumpkin soup and fried bread. Room 12 gave out the soup and bread to everyone.
Before school Anna and some helpers helped make the dough for the bread.

We also made woven plates for the bread.

 It all tasted delicious.

Tree Art

This week Room 14 has been creating beautiful tree art work. 
We went on a tour of our school to look at trees we could draw. We looked carefully at their leaves. When we came back to class we sketched the tree in our sketching book.

Next we had to draw it on a big piece of paper. We had to rub it out and go over the pencil lines in black pen. Then we dyed part of our drawing.

Here is some of our finished art work.

                                                        By Tremaine                    By Lucy

By Robert

                                                   By Xiomy                            By Emily

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tane Mahuta Day

This morning we have been on a walk around our school.
This photo was taken just outside our classroom.
Here are some things we love about our oak tree
- it gives us shade
- birds live in this tree
- it has rough bark
- it's leaves change colour in autumn

This is the view down to Putikitiki from the Kauri classrooms.

We went down to Putikitiki to see if we could see any fantails.
 We waited for a little while and then 3 fantails came to visit us. 
One flew so close to us that we held onto sticks to see if they would land on it. 

A fantail nearly landed on the stick James was holding.