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Mrs Booth's Grade 4 class at Sherman Central School made some great comments on our blog. They asked us questions about what our school was like so we went and took some photos so we could explain it to them. We hope our photos take you on our a little tour of Hamilton East School.
This is the view from the steps to our classroom. 
This is an area of our school called Middle Flat.
This is us outside our classroom.
Our classroom is in a block of three other classrooms. We are all in a team called Totara Team.  The other teams in our school are called Kowhai and Kauri. All of our teams are named after native trees.
Middle flat is a fun place to play. It has lots of obstacles to play on. We like to play tag and lots of other games here. There are lots of trees and birds surrounding middle flat.
By Tahniah, Georgia, Afifah, Fabian and Yusuf.
This slide is by the redwood tree. It's a great slide because you can go really fast. We have a four square grid outside of our classroom. We play on it during morning tea and at lunch time.
By Lacey, Eva, Xakiryion and Tremaine 
The Rainbow Playground is where the children in Kowhai team can play. Children in Kowhai team are 5 and 6 years old. The Kowhai sandpit is used by the Kowhai kids to make sandcastles and tunnels. 
By Lacey
The courts are Up Top. Everybody is allowed to play here. We play games like netball, basketball, hockey and tennis. 
By Lita, Leighton, Phillip and Jackson
This is our Kitchen Garden where we grow food for us to eat. We grow lots of vegetables, like potatoes and carrots. We always where shoes when we go into the Kitchen Garden so we don't hurt our feet on our tiles. Sometimes Dugan (our caretaker) comes and helps us plant big things. Each class has their own patch to grow plants. Classes come in one or two at a time to do their gardening. We can also go during lunchtime once a week. We have to chase away white butterflies so their caterpillars don't eat our veges. 
By Lucy, Aisha, and Jiuta
Some people go on our school bus so that they can get picked up and dropped off near their home.  The bus bell goes at 2:55pm so kids can get to the bus waiting area. We like going our school bus because we can talk to our friends and meet other people from our school.
By Tarn, James, Amber and Ryan.
This is our school swimming pool. It has a cover on it at the moment because we don't swim until summer time. We swim in our first term which is in February and March. When the pool is open we have class lessons. At lunchtime sometimes we go for a swim in the nice cold pool to be refreshed. We love swimming in the pool because it is so much fun. 
By Lacey, Tremaine, Eva, Xakiryion, Jiuta, Lucy and Aisha

This area of our school is called Putikitiki. People like to play soccer and rugby on this field. There is also a big playground to play on. The playground has two slides, a fireman's pole, two tyre swings, a bridge and a ramp. It is a lot of fun to play on. Kids are allowed down with a teacher at lunchtimes if they are in Kauri and Totara teams. 
By Tarn, James, Shakshi, Xiomy, Esitia, Amber, Ryan and Emily 
The Nature Trail has a lot of native trees and a path that goes through them. There are a lot of birds, like fantails, sparrows and tuis, that like to visit the area. We have all helped plant trees in this area. We are not allowed on the Nature Trail without an adult. At the moment Anna (our teacher) and some children are working on making the area safer for us. Our Nature Trail is a beautiful place.
By Fabian, Tahniah, Georgia, Afifah, Yusuf, Caitlin, Leighton, Lita, Phillip, Jackson, Rebecca, Robert, Makki, and Fontana.

We also created a wordle about the different places around our school.

We don't wear a uniform at our school. We only wear a uniform if we are playing a sport for our school. Our school day starts at 9am and goes until 3pm. We are allowed to be at school from 8:30am. We also have before and after school care in our hall.
We hope you enjoyed the "tour" of our school.


  1. Wow isn't Hamilton East School so beautiful to look at. I really enjoyed the photo's you took. We are so lucky to have such a clean, green and happy school environment. Thanks Room 14 for reminding me how lucky we are :) Whaea Tash

  2. Hi thanks for the pictures! We read a lot about New Zealand yesterday!


  3. Hi that is cool that you have a pool!

  4. Wow! I loved it too! Room 14 you are so great at blogging and telling people about our school. I really enjoyed looking at it tonight and can't wait for the rest of Room 10 to see it.

    Do you know that the Nature Trail was closed the year before I came to Hamilton East, that's before any of you were born!!!

    Ms O'Neil

  5. Hi Room 14,
    Your school is very beautiful and so "small"!!!
    We like the garden and Putikitiki! What a strange name! What does it mean?

    What's this game that 4 of you play in the square?

    Write soon!
    Your friends from Greece


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