Monday, October 29, 2012

My hospital Visit

Going to the Hospital “Ahhh”, screaming like a bird “I do not want to go to hospital!” Pinch! “Ouch” “I will keep doing that if you don’t go to the hospital.” “Okay!” “Now, have you got your PJ’s?” “Yep.” “Go in the car.” “Okay.” I went to the car and we went to the hospital and I was shivering like and iceberg. I was really cold. I started to shiver louder and louder. Then, “Ahh.” Pinch! “Ouch! That hurt.” “Then don’t scream.” “Okay, okay.” The nurse asked me some questions and then zzzzzzz I went to sleep.

A & P Farm Show

On Friday we went to the A & P Farm Show.  Here are some phographs of our day.

A & P Show on PhotoPeach

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Yay we are back at school.  Today Greg came from Sports Waikato to help us perfect our running styles.  We had to focus on:
  • running on the balls of our feet
  • keeping our arms shaped like an 'L'
  • moving our arms straight up and down as we ran
We ran some relays in teams and made sure we passed the baton on correctly by remembering to:
  • hold out the opposite hand to the baton holder 
  • call out 'run' to the person ahead of us as we approached them
  • using a chopping action to pass the baton to the next runner