Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reflection 31 August

We used Wordle to create a picture of our Reflection today. These are the things children in Room 14 enjoyed the most.

Tunnel Houses

Room 14 wants to start growing plants for our Kitchen Garden. The problem is the soil is still cold from winter. We want to use the heat from the sun to help our seeds grow.
We thought a glass house would be perfect to trap the heat and light from the sun. But we thought it would be really easily vandalised and would take up too much room.
We decided Tunnel Houses would be easiest. We are going to try and make one. We hope to re-use broken hula hoops. Cyvarn and Graciana both said they had plastic at home we might be able to use.
Braden has a tunnel house at his home. He got his Mum to take photos of it and text them to Anna. This is what they look like.

Monday, August 30, 2010


We have been using skype to communicate with people around the world and even in our school. 
First we talked to Anna's host family in Argentina. She talks to them in Spanish and translates what we say. It can get really confusing.

Anna's friend Mariel who lives in San Francisco, USA had a problem with her basil plants so she skyped us so we could help her work out what was wrong. We were so excited to be able to speak English on skype that we were all very shy.

When Room 5 skyped us we were really excited. It was cool to see right into their classroom and find out what they were doing.

Welcome to Room 14

We are Room 14 at Hamilton East School. This is our blog. We want to share our learning and the fun we have together.