Sunday, May 17, 2015

Come and read some of our wonderful writing.

The Redwood tree

The Redwood tree is tall and old.  Maz

My class is learning about the biggest tree in the school.  The biggest tree is the Redwood tree.  It has spiky leaves.  The Redwood tree is super huge! The redwood tree is so big.  It needs big long roots. The redwood tree is bigger than our classroom.  Harlynn

The Waikato River
Did you know that big eels can eat baby ducklings and other river insects.  So can trout.  They both eat larvae.   Big trout can eat baby trout.  It is crazy that trout eat baby trout. Harlynn

I always wondered why the river is green and the sea is blue?  I think I know – maybe it is just yucky water.  Maybe because, lots of people are putting rubbish in the river- not the sea.  Harlynn

The Waikato River has eels and dragonflies.  The eels like to eat the bugs. The river is green because of the green slimy long weed.  Maz.

The Gingerbread Man
One day there was a man and his wife. They were hungry so they cooked a gingerbread man. It had raisins for eyes, a cherry nose and a bit of orange for the mouth. When they opened the oven,
the gingerbread man popped out and went running away. 
"Come back here" yelled the man and woman. The gingerbread man ran away, he was very fast!  He ran as fast as his legs could carry him.  Analise

The gingerbread man was running away from the man and woman. He was fast and the gingerbread man ran far away from home. He was chased by the woman and man, cat and dog. But a fox popped out and said "hitch a ride on my back."  "I will take you across the river."  So the gingerbread man went on the fox's back.  Ashen

Anzac Parade by Logan
The Anzac parade was loud and exciting. There were one thousand people. They were playing trumpets and marching on foot.  It has been 100 years since Gallipoli.

We Made Butter
We made butter out of cream. We had to shake the cream to make butter. Why does cream turn into butter? The cream fat joins together to make butter. Homemade butter is runny and yummy. The cream also made butter milk. The butter was scrumptious. Katie

Why do we have a compost bucket? We have a compost bucket because this becomes food for the worms. The worms live below the compost eating there way through the scraps.  Carmelo

The worms went to their favourite leaves and fruits. But don't like the onion.  Boston

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ball Skills with Project Energize.

Keeping Ourselves Safe

What can you do if someone is annoying or bullying you? 
 What are some helpful statements you can use? 

 Constable Jo visited us and helped answer these questions.  She showed us some ways to keep ourselves safe.  
We rolled-played bullying each other and responding in safe ways like saying "stop it, I don't like it."
  It was very hard to keep a straight-face and some of us kept laughing. We also talked about the people we could go to for help.