Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Room 14's Book shop

Room 14 have been learning about money.

We have made a shop in our class. Our shop sells books so we had to ask our librarian for some extra books for our class. Everybody is welcome to share our shop. We have made paper wallets for people to keep their money safe.

Do you have a shop in your class? What can you buy at your shop?

Bryan and Bobby Show

Bryan and Bobby came to our school to teach us about looking after our possessions. They taught us about serial numbers and how important numbers and letters are. We learnt that Bryan has a long serial number. We had to try and remember what it was but it was too long! 

To help us remember our serial numbers the police have a special website that only the person who goes on it has the password for. You can record all of you serial numbers in it. The website is www.snap.org.nz 

If you log in and put your details in you can be in to win $2000!
Written by Isabel and Alexus as told to Mrs Blair

Have you logged you serial numbers yet? Do you know where to find them on your valuables?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

End of term talent show

We had singing, dancing and lots of laughter! It was great entertainment. Some children from our class were in the talent show. 

Were you in the talent show? What did you do?

Friday, July 4, 2014


We have a garden in front of our class and today we gave it a tidy up. There were a lot of weeds in the garden but not now. We really liked getting out in the garden and getting a bit dirty! We planted some lettuces. We are thinking about what we can do with our lettuce once it grows big enough to eat.

What do you think we could do with the lettuce?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Turangawaewae Movie Term 1 2014

In Term 1 Room 14 made a movie to show at the Hamilton East School movie festival.

Here is the movie they made.

What does Turangawaewae mean to you?

Skip a thon!

Today was the Skip-a-thon. There were lots of fun activities for everyone. We had sack races, we were jumping to learn about our skipping jump. Our skipping jump is when we jump with our feet together.
We had long skipping ropes so we could jump over them when they went over our head or jump over when it was like a snake on the ground. 

We had lots of helpers from Room 10. They showed us what to do. It was awesome skipping today, we enjoyed it. Thanks Miss Suze and Room 10 for organising the Skip-a-thon.
Written by Room 14