Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Salt dough

Today we had our first go at salt dough.  Mrs Nicholson helped us work out how much we would need to make so we could all have a go.  We used our maths knowledge to work out the ratios of salt, flour and paste and made it up.  We kneaded the dough until it was a little bit smooth and then made up the shape of one of the animals we had seen at the farm show.  Mrs Nicholson is going to bake a couple tonight to see how our recipe worked and tomorrow we will make some up to make into fridge magnets.  Have a look at what we did.

Salt Dough on PhotoPeach

Rosies World

We have now almost all completed our calf rearing on Rosie's world.  See the link to the right of this page.  We have spent two weeks feeding, grooming and caring for our calf.  Some of us forgot to get online and feed our calf for a couple of days and found that he had left home in search of food.  We were so sad we had to begin all over again.  This game has taught us lots about having to look after our calf.
We also went onto youtube and looked at some videos that Rosie puts out to explain about how cows work and how the dairy factory works.  Here is one of the videos we watched that explains all about how a cow eats and digests their food.
Wow fancy having four parts to your stomach and being able to eat anything . . .