Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Edublog Award Nominations

We have loved blogging and learning from lots of other classrooms around the world so being able to nominate blogs we like for an award is great.
Room 14 has taken the nominating incredibly seriously and so after much discussion our nominees are...

We enjoy looking at their blog and seeing their learning. The class culture the teachers have created with commenting and quality posts is fantastic. We really like that they ask you questions in their blog posts that get you thinking about what they have shared. We think they have interesting blog posts that use a range of tools - photos, video, web2 tools and that they link to other blogs and websites. We also love the way they celebrate their learning and events within their class and school. 

Best New Blog - Room 16 at Hamilton East School
Room 16 have just started blogging this year. We are really impressed with the way they share their learning with the world. They use photos and videos to explain what they have been doing in their classroom. Room 16 has also made great connections with other classrooms through Quadblogging. They often get ideas from their blogging buddies and make posts for them.

Best Educational use of video - Room 8 at Melville Intermediate School
The students in Room 8 use video to create a window into their classroom. They often work in teams to produce the videos and we think this is a great way to work together. Not only do they show us what is happening at their school but they also teach you new things. We learnt how to do the rakau by watching one of their great videos. We have really enjoyed their Interclass Survivor Challenge and we always enjoy watching their music groups perform.

Best Free Web Tool - Skype
We love skype. We love connecting with classes around the world. It is amazing that we can talk with our friends in different countries and share our learning with them. We also use it within our school. Sometimes we read to other classes and sometimes we ring to share exciting learning.

Dylan Elise - Drumming Concert

Hamilton East School had a superb concert by Dylan Elise.
Dylan is a very talented drummer.
He taught us some cool things on the drums. Dylan showed us the cow bell and how it makes different sounds. He used hot rods for drumming. Dylan also showed us Mr High Hat and could do lots of great tricks with the hot rods.
He played us a range of music - rock, latin, jazz and funk. When he played jazz music he had to use brushes.
Dylan's sister Hannah joined him playing the bass in the Michael Jackson songs.
Dylan also made the teachers dance to the rhythm of the whole school clapping and singing. It was great that we got a chance to dance too.
Take a look at the vimeo of the concert.

What part of the concert did you like the best?

Friday, November 25, 2011

HES Glee Club

Did you know Hamilton East School has a Glee Club?
Today we were lucky enough to see their dress rehearsal for their concert. We were amazed. These students are so talented and we are incredibly proud of them.
Take a sneak peek at some of the songs they will sing at the concert.

Do you want to see more?
Glee Club Concert is on Thursday 1 December at 6:30pm in the 
Hamilton East School Hall.
$4 Adults $2 Children

Athletics Day

Today we had an Athletics Day at school.
Look at us ready to go and join in all the fun!
Anna helped at the Sack Races and filmed some of the kids doing superb jumping. Take a look - 

After doing all the great activities Room 14 was exhausted and needed a rest. 
Thank you to the Year 5 Energize Leaders for taking the games.
Thank you to all the teachers for making sure we had a fun filled morning.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lunch in Athens, Greece

We have made friends with a blog in Greece.
It is a bilingual blog which means it is in two languages. 
We like looking at the Greek on their blog but we can't understand anything until we look at the English part.
They also took photos of their lunch for us. 
Room 14 thought that their lunches looked delicious.
You should take a look at their PhotoPeach on their blog. 
You can click on this photo to take you there.
Effie, their teacher also shares some helpful information about lunch in Greece. 

In Greece we leave school at 2pm. We have lunch at home, where our parents or sometimes grandmothers make delicious food.

The traditional Greek dishes are pasta cooked in many different ways, fish, seafood and pulses.

We also love souvlaki or gyros. We buy it at one of the many souvlaki restaurants near our houses and it is brought to our home.

Lunch at Greenpark School, UK

Our friends at Greenpark School also sent us some photos of lunch at their school.
Take a look at the PhotoPeach to see what lunch is like there.

Lunch at Greenpark School, UK on PhotoPeach

Lunch at Coal City Middle School, USA

We emailed our Mystery Skype Call school and asked if they could help us with our Global Table project.
They emailed us some photos and also shared some information about their lunch time. 

Today's menu offered a choice of a Tex-Mex snack (spicy cheese enveloped with a flour-based wrap) or  "broiled" chicken on a bun.  
It is mandated by law for schools to meet dietary requirements in the lunches. Vegetables, fruit, and milk are required.  
Other choices often include ice cream, yogurt, lettuce-based salads, and cookies.

Thank you Coal City Middle School for helping us with our learning.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Global Taste Test

Room 14 had a taste test of food from different countries.
We tasted danish salami on rye bread. 
We also tried carrots without peeling them first.
We knew that our friends in Denmark have salami for lunch because they showed us on their blog. You should take a look at 1A Vonsild Skole's blog.
Here are some of our thoughts about the Danish Food - 
- I liked tasting different food. (Makki)
- The salami tasted like garlic and I liked it. (Liz)
- The rye bread was nice and fresh. The carrots were hard to bite into. (James)
- The salami looked like a sausage but tasted like ham. (Robert)
- The carrots were crunchy. (Tremaine)
- The carrots were kind of sweet. (Lacey)
- The carrots were nice and fresh. The salami tasted a bit like sausage. (Rebecca)
We also picked some lettuce we had grown in the Kitchen Garden to have with our salami and rye bread.
Next we tasted Dulce de Leche from Argentina on crackers. It is caramelised sweetened condensed milk. We were very lucky that Anna shared her dulce de leche with us.
Here are some of our thoughts on dulce de leche -
It was sweet and I wanted more. (James)
I was impressed that it tasted like caramel. (Makki)
With my first bite it took me into a caramel cloud. (Robert)
It was like condensed milk. (Tremaine)
It melted in my mouth. (Rebecca)
I liked it so much I wanted to eat the whole jar. (Emily)
We got to try some candy from the USA. 
Anna's friend Mariel, thought her children got far too much candy for Halloween so she took it away from them and sent it all the way to New Zealand! Sorry Lauryn and Raven but we loved trying it. Thank you for sharing.

Here is a vimeo of our Global Taste Test.
We really enjoyed trying new foods. 
We would definitely love to do it again.

What is your favourite food from a different country?

Friday, November 18, 2011


Our friends at a Peek inside have a problem with cheeky cockatoos at their school in Australia. The cockatoos will actually break into their lunchboxes!
Our bird problem isn't quite so bad but we do have sparrows who love an open rubbish bin.
Today Tarn and Tremaine filmed the birds having a snack from our rubbish bin at school. Take a look at what they filmed. 
(Their commentary is pretty funny too because they forgot we would hear what they were saying! Oops!)

Terrific Talk

What is Terrific Talk?
Terrific Talk is when we record ourselves using Photo Booth talking about a topic. We decide each day as a class what the topic will be. It is important to have thinking time before you start recording yourself speaking. We also listen to our recording from the day before so we can remember what we want to improve on.
Anna thinks it has really helped us to share our ideas with others and to realise that all our ideas are important.
Here are some brainstorms about what we think about and what we learn doing Terrific Talk 

Here is a vimeo of Terrific Talk about our favourite place- 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lunch in K/1D in Australia

Our friends at A peek inside blog took some photos of their lunches for us so we can see what lunch is like at their school in Australia. Their teacher Ms Dowling made the photos into a PhotoPeach for us and also added some extra information about when they eat.
We also think you should check out their blog. They are doing some great learning in K/1D. They even made an ant restaurant to find out about insects.
Take a look at their photopeach of lunchtime. 
Make sure you watch the whole thing because they have a cheeky cockatoo who is a problem at lunchtime.

K/1D's Lunchboxes on PhotoPeach

A special thank you to K/1D and Ms Dowling for helping us with our learning.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Do you know where in the world these lunches are from?

Anna knows some students from New Zealand who are currently overseas on an AFS exchange
She got them to email a photo of their lunch to us. 
One of the students also sent photos of their breakfast and dinner.
 Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

 Photo D

  Photo EPhoto F
Please leave us a comment with your guess about where you think the food comes from.

A big thank you to Chayla, Caroline and Brittany for emailing these photos to us.
We will write another post soon explaining what the food is and where it is from.

Origami with our Japanese Students

Before the Japanese students left we learnt origami.
We made a balloon,camera and a fortune teller. One of the Japanese students made a flying crane. 
The balloon was pretty difficult. But we figured out how to make it. The fun part was when we got to blow into the balloon. 
Anna had a competition with one of the Japanese students Rei. The competition was to see who was better at origami. Because Rei kept on asking the other students so he took ages, and Anna won the competition.

Then we skyped Room 8 at Melville Intermediate to show them what we had made.
Did you like our origami?
Did you get some tips on how to make some origami? 
Written by Georgia and Rebecca

Japanese Performance

We had a performance from our Japanese students
They performed a traditional dance from Japan. After they finished dancing they taught it to us. We didn't really get it but we had fun learning it.
Here is a vimeo of the Japanese students dancing and at the end you can see us trying to do their traditional dance. 

Did you like the dance?
Written by Rebecca and Georgia

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nude Food Day

Today is Nude Food Day
Room 14 is celebrating it by not having any wrappers in their lunchboxes.  Instead we are using containers or nothing.


Here is a lunchbox without wrappers. It just has a container to put the food in. We are trying to help care for the environment by having less packaging.
By Tarn and Eva

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lunch in Argentina

Our friends at St Hilda's School in Buenos Aires, Argentina emailed us some fantastic photos of lunchtime at their school.
We loved seeing the different things they have for lunch. We were also really impressed that they got to have dessert.
Take a look at our PhotoPeach to see what our friends in Argentina do for lunch.
Lunch at St Hilda's on PhotoPeach

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lunch Questionnaire

Can you help us find out about lunch around the world?
Please fill in this form - 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lunch in Denmark

 Take a look at how our friends in 1A at Vonsild School in Denmark are helping us with our learning.

They took photos of their lunchboxes for us so we can see what they have for lunch. Take a look at their great blog to see how our lunches are the same and how they are different.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Here is a sneak peek into our lunches that we bring from home.

We also drew our lunch in kidpix and labelled it. 
Take a look at our presentation about our lunches.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Japanese Skype

Today we had a surprise for the Japanese students. 
We skyped Room 8 at Melville Intermediate School because Mr Webb let us know that they also have students from 
Ritsumeikan Keisho Junior High School
Our students talked to Takuto and Asuka who are in Room 8.
Take a look at our vimeo of the students talking to each other.


The Japanese students laughed a lot and looked very excited about talking to their friends. We found out the students at Melville Intermediate had been doing music that day. We thought it was cool to hear them speak Japanese to their friends.
We think Skype is a great way to talk to other people.