Monday, October 31, 2011

New Blogs to Follow

Recently Anna has found some other great blogs from New Zealand for Room 14 to follow.
Here is some information about them. You can click on the name of each blog and it will take you to their blog.

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 This blog is from Room 6 at Point England School in Auckland. The students share their fantastic stories with us. They have a photo or an illustration and then you can see the student reading their writing to you. Mrs She is so lucky to have such amazing writers and readers in her class.
 Room 7 is from Vardon School in Hamilton. They share their learning in lots of different ways. It looks like Room 7 and Mrs Natusch have a lot of fun learning together.
Room 1 is from Grants Braes School in Dunedin. We really enjoyed hearing Room One's e-books.  There was quite a lot of laughter from our class because the students have such great expression.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Japanese Students

We have 12 students from
Ritsumeikan Keisho Junior High School 
from Sapporo, Japan visiting our school.
We have learnt how to say hello in Japanese - Konnichiwa. 
It's autumn in Japan at the moment. Did you know it snows in Sapporo in winter?
The students travel to school by bus or train and it takes over an hour to get there. There are over 500 students at their school. 

This afternoon we went on a school tour and played a game about our school environment.
We played an alphabet game where you try and find things around the school that start with the different letters of the alphabet.
It was really important that we talked to each other. We got to know the Japanese students better.

We hope that the students have a great time visiting our school and New Zealand.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome back to Term 4

Here we are in the Kitchen Garden on our first day back. We are wearing sunhats because it is summer and we are being sun safe.
We checked on our class garden to see how everything is growing. Our lettuces have grown and the slugs are leaving them alone. Our pea seeds have also started growing. We planted a zucchini plant called Black Coral, that we got from Anna's Mum and Dad. 
We really enjoyed making new friends around the world last term. We are looking forward to working with our buddies again this term and hopefully we will make some new connections too.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making Connections

At the moment it is school holidays in New Zealand. 
I am lucky to be at a conference called Ulearn.
 Today I was a presentation led by two teachers called Claire Buist and Anne Kenneally.
I had a look at a blog that Anne helps with -  Room 7 at St Mary's School.
AND guess what....they had a blog post about us! Room 14!!! Isn't that cool!
Click on the screen shot of their blog post so you can take a look at what Room 7 has been up to.

End of Term Celebration

On Friday 7 October (our last day of term 3) our whole school had a celebration. Each class dressed in the colours of one of the rugby teams they have been supporting during the Rugby World Cup.
Here is a vimeo showing our whole school supporting the RWC.
Can you work our what countries we have been supporting?
Here is a vimeo showing Room 14 cheering for......Georgia.
Room 14 has really enjoyed learning about all the different teams in the Rugby World Cup. We are really proud of how New Zealand has hosted the RWC too.
Good Luck to the All Blacks for the final on Sunday.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Term 3 Learning

We have had a great term together and have learnt so much.
 Here is a vimeo sharing what we liked about this term.

Rugby World Cup

We have really enjoyed the Rugby World Cup. 
We have supported lots of different teams throughout the competition. We had a day where we dressed in the colours of the different teams to show our support.
Can you guess what teams we are supporting?
We were lucky that some people in our class are from different countries with teams in the Rugby World Cup. Lita got her Fijian flag signed by some of the Fijian players.
On the last day of school every class chose a team to dress up as. Room 14 is supporting Georgia. We are wearing red and white and have painted our faces.
Here is some of our writing about the Rugby World Cup.

I am supporting the France rugby team. I like their top that they wear. They are good at passing the ball to each other. I am helping and supporting the French team by wearing the colours that are on their country flag. I also painted my face blue. I think that the Rugby World Cup is exciting. When New Zealand played France I was cheering for both teams. The score was 37-17 and the All Blacks won.
By Eva

I am supporting Australia because my cousin is from Australia. I like the team. They do nice passes to their players. I have yellow on. The game that I like is Samoa vs South Africa. The highlights is what my Mum always likes to watch.
By Makki

I am supporting Fiji and Ireland because I think they are a good team and because I want to support someone different for a change. I am supporting them by wearing their team colours on my shirt and track pants. One of my favourite games was Fiji vs Wales. It was kind of sad because Wales got 66 points and Fiji got 0.
By Tarn
I am supporting Wales because I am wearing red and white and also a daffodil. I wanted Wales to win their game. I am wearing red face paint to support Wales too. I love them getting lots of tries in the Rugby World Cup. I also like how they kick the ball up high.
By Xiomy

I am supporting Georgia because they speak another language. I think the Georgian Rugby Team are good players. I am wearing red and white for the Georgian Rugby team. I liked the game when Georgia played against Romania. It was a great game. Georgia won that game. The score was Georgia 25 and Romania 9.
By Lita

I am supporting England because my Dad is from England. I hope England wins the Rugby World Cup. My favourite game was New Zealand vs France. It was a tough game for them. I really like how France was getting into it. NZ was great at passing the ball.
By Liz

I think New Zealand is going to win the Rugby World Cup because they are a good team. I am wearing black for New Zealand. I liked watching New Zealand vs Canada. It was a good game. New Zealand is my favourite team in the Rugby World Cup.
By Ryan

I am supporting Ireland. It’s a team that speak a different language and they also speak English. I like how they speak.
By Xakiryion

I am supporting Fiji because I was born in Fiji and I lived there for 6 years. Also my whole family was born in Fiji. I am wearing white and black to support Fiji because it is in their uniform. I enjoyed watching the Rugby World Cup when Fiji played Namibia because Fiji won that game 66-0.
By Shakshi

I am supporting Argentina because Anna lived in Argentina. I’m doing this by wearing black and acting like a puma because their team is called Los Pumas. The other team I am supporting is the All Blacks because they are the New Zealand team. I’ve enjoyed the RWC but my favourite game was New Zealand vs Canada because the All Blacks won. The score was 79-15. I also like watching people getting tries. I like seeing all of the flags too.
By Lucy

I am supporting the All Blacks because they are the top of Pool A. I think they are going to win the Rugby World Cup and I am wearing black to support them. I liked watching the game All Blacks vs France. I was supporting the All Blacks because I knew they were going to win.
By Jackson.

I am supporting Ireland because me and my Mum like the Irish team. I am supporting Ireland by wearing green pants and a green hair tie. Yesterday I even drew the emblem of the Ireland team. Then I cut it out with scissors and stuck it on my shirt with cellotape. I thought it was cool when South Africa beat Wales. I also like it when Tonga beat France. I thought France would win but they didn’t. I think they were too tired. I like the tries. I wonder who will win the Webb Ellis Trophy?
By Rebecca

I am supporting Tonga because it is a good team to cheer for and because they do good things to help their team. When they play I cheer for them. I cheer for New Zealand because it is the place I was born in. The team is called the All Blacks. I like the whole team but the best All Black players I like are Richie Macaw, Dan Carter and Sonny Bill Williams. Richie Macaw is good at getting tries and Dan Carter is good at kicking the ball. Sonny Bill Williams is good at kicking and getting tries. What I like about the World Cup is watching the team players getting tries.
By Tremaine

I’m supporting NZ, Fiji, Ireland and Italy. I am supporting Fiji because that’s where I was born. Their haka always makes me laugh. I like the Rugby World Cup because all the countries are playing in the finals. All the teams are wanting to win the Webb Ellis Trophy.
By Jiuta

My favourite team that I am supporting is NZ because I am wearing black. They are my favourite team in the Rugby World Cup.
By Fontana.

I am supporting Fiji and South Africa because they are both great teams. They also wear bright colours. They both have good passers and kickers. South Africa always gets tries and goals. I am wearing green nail polish for South Africa.  I am also wearing a white t.shirt and a blue jacket for Fiji. I like watching teams get tries. I like watching the ball go over the post because it looks like it’s going into the crowd.
By Tahniah

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Skype Calls

Here is some of our writing about our fantastic Skype Day.
Today we skyped lots of schools around the world. My favourite skype call was the Mystery Skype call. We had to ask yes or no questions to find out what school they are and where they live. Room 14 found out where they lived first. They lived in Chicago. Finally they said New Zealand and we said yes. Then they guessed Hamilton.
By Eva

We skyped lots of schools and found out more about them. My favourite call was Te Poi because I miss Whaea Linda and also because they are an Enviro School now. They made a movie that looked really really cool. Every Friday they do whole school Enviro jobs so they can be a really big Enviro school. I hope they succeed someday.
By Tarn

My favourite part of Skype Day was skyping Miss Becker’s class. It was nearly morning tea time for Miss Becker’s class. They are 6 and 7 year old. Some of them read chapter books too. They also wear uniforms. They are in Queensland, Australia. They have over 500 children in their school and it is 150 years old. They have a bus ride to school.
By Emily

My favourite skype call was Miss Becker’s class. I felt it was a decent chat. Their beach is three hours away and our beach is 45 minutes away. They play soccer just like us but not many girls play. At Hamilton East School lots of girls play soccer. Miss Becker’s class doesn’t have a swimming pool but they go on a bus to one.
By Liz
My favourite skype call was in the USA. It was fun seeing them. They had good questions. The mystery school was hard for us to find out where they were. The mystery school was in Chicago. They soon found out where we were.
By Ryan
Room 14 had a skype breakfast. Some of us came to school really really early in the morning. The first skype call was Miss Pope’s Superstars. They were more excited they us because they were jumping all around.
By Caitlin

We came to school early. Miss Becker’s class 1B are 6 and 7 years old. They play soccer like us too. They are building a new hall and library.
By Xakiryion
I love skyping the mystery school. I was extremely excited. I liked how we had to guess where they were. When they spoke their accent gave it away. We knew they were from the USA immediately. We were only allowed to ask yes or no questions. It took us some time to guess what city their school is in. We guessed Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco. Then finally we asked Chicago. We guessed it first! YAY!!! We let them keep on guessing. They guessed New Zealand. Then they said Hamilton.
By Rebecca
I liked all the skype calls but the one I liked the best was Melville Intermediate. I finally got to meet Hannah. We got to see Veronica. We asked a lot of questions. It was a lot of fun. The call was a little fuzzy and we couldn’t hear so well either.
By Georgia.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Skype Day

This morning we got to school super early.
Why would we come to school so early? 
So we could Skype our friends in other classrooms across the world.
First up at 7:15am was Miss Pope's Superstars in North Carolina, USA.
We had a technical difficulty and had to change classrooms before we could talk properly. (Thanks Room 16 for letting us use your room). Miss Pope's Superstars were just about as excited as we were.
 We read them a story about Taniwha and we also counted to 10 in Maori. 
They counted in 10 in Spanish. They also told us about their day. After our Skype call they were going home and we were just starting our day.
Then we skyped a mystery school.
We didn't know where in the world they were and we had to ask them yes and no questions to find out where they were.
They had great Geography knowledge but they thought we were in Australia. We guessed using their accent too and we thought they were in the USA. 
Where were they? In Chicago. (Actually they were in a town outside of Chicago). They finally guessed we were in New Zealand and they even got the city right! WOW! Great work Coal City Middle School.
We think they are lucky to get snow in winter. Right now it is Fall in Chicago. (Fall is what we call Autumn). We also found out they only get 30 minutes for lunchtime!
At 9:15am we skyped Te Poi School. It was great to catch up with them again. The great news is that they are now an Enviro School too. Congratulation Te Poi School. They showed us some of the work that they have done.  Now every Friday they have Enviro Teams where they do jobs to help look after their school. What a great idea!
We look at Room 8 at Melville Intermediate's blog a lot. We were so excited that today we would finally get to see and talk to some of their students. We found out that their school is 47 years old and also has maori carvings like us. They have gardens outside their classrooms and a worm bin area.  We also got to catch up with a student who used to go to Hamilton East School.
At 1:30pm we skyped 1B at Dalby Primary School in Queensland, Australia.
We asked each other a lot of questions. Here a few of the things we found out. Dalby is 3 hours away from a beach. (We are only 45 minutes away from a beach). They go by bus to the swimming pool. Their school is 150 years old. Over 500 students go to their school. They call fields ovals. They are going to take some photos of their school so we can get an idea of what it looks like.

Thank you so much to the classes and their fabulous teachers (Miss Pope, Mr Hitchcock, Whaea Linda, Mr Webb and Miss Becker) who helped us have such a fantastic Skype day.