Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Here is a wordle of the things we liked the best at school today.

Mosaic Tiles

In 2010 some children in Room 14 made some beautiful mosaic tiles.
This year Georgia, Emily and Eva helped Anna get the tiles ready to go into the Kitchen Garden. Have a look at the tiles in the garden.


On Tuesday we helped lay some tiles into the Kitchen Garden.
Room 14 in 2010 made the tiles using concrete and recycled cups and plates.
We did have to do a bit of waiting around while people had their turn to put a tile in. We worked together as a team to get the work done.


We have been busy creating our portraits.
We planned them by drawing ourselves in chalk.
Then we painted ourselves.

We had to mix the colours carefully.
Then we painted our backgrounds on a different piece of paper.

Next we cut our portraits out. Then we glued it onto our backgrounds.
Anna is really impressed with the gorgeous colours we mixed.