Thursday, October 28, 2010

Emily's Lettuce

Emily brought some lettuces she had grown at home to share with Room 14.

Our Kitchen Garden was so full of over grown rocket we had to pull it out before we could plant Emily's lettuces. Some of us had a wee nibble of the rocket. Tyrone thought it tasted delicious and Kaorite thought it was quite spicy.

Then we all helped to plant Emily's lettuces.
We planted some in the salad garden too. When they were planted Bernard watered them.

Photos taken by Anna and Tobias

Nature Trail

On Friday we planted some more plants on the the Nature Trail bank.
It was hard work because the ground was hard to dig and also there were roots from other trees in the way.

We liked planting the trees because we quite liked slipping and sliding down the bank. 

Graciana didn't like the mozzies biting her though!
We think we planted about 20 trees.

Seed update

Over the holidays our seeds grew. We had sunflower, capsicum and pea seedlings.

These are our sunflower seedlings.
These are our pea seedlings.
We have planted our seedlings into the garden. Our peas did not like being transplanted so we are going to try again by planting the seeds straight into the garden. Our sunflower seedlings aren't looking good either. We planted our two capsicum plants yesterday. They didn't look too healthy.